Class of Professor Michael Stevenson

Klassen Ausstellung__Don’t pause the printer

We often want our future to unfold like literary narrative _ usually it doesn’t _ that uneven experience between what we want and what actually happens _ these creepy feelings arrive in the form of a pause _ a familiar continuity of non-stop crisis and disruption _ it’s a timeline no longer fixed simply around a single event but extending instead over a longer period _ it becomes then a culture and a way of life _ an A4 printer online but not responding _ a print command that’s never performed _ technology in this way is not straightforward _ Don’t pause the printer_

Vernissage: Di, 23. Mai, 19Uhr

24. Mai – 11. Juni 2017
Mi – So 14-19 Uhr
Halle 13 Auf AEG
Muggenhofer Straße 135
90429 Nürnberg


Class Meeting 30. November 2016




We looked at Theresa’s Portfolio.
After talking about her work, class members came up with adivce for dealing with
Material when you don’t have a clear idea about what to do with it (yet).
Here are some answeres:

Engage with your Material: Stare at it, observe it closely. Maybe you will see something you haven’t seen before.

Send an email to Michael or another class member for advice.

Ask yourselfe why you are interested in this material.

Look at artwork by other artists.

Find a personal approach to the material: what do you feel and think about it.

Materials can be reconsidered for work, even if they have been sitting at your home or in your studio for a long time. Considering material that you wouldn’t usually consider for your work is another helpful step.


23.11.2016, Class Meeting


Julia presented her recent video work “Julia and her shrine” and made a live performance in the class pavillon.

The fictional interviewer “Julie” asked Julia Liedel questions about her artwork:

1. Performance “Julia in her nest” (2min; 2016)

Here´s a question about the setting: Everything could be itself an artwork, why the combination?

Through the combination of it, it seems to be a “nest” which is guarded by the two objects in the background. My goal is it to combine every area I´m working in. Through that setting I want to create a synthesis between the artworks, a total artwork, a kosmos out of Julia.


Documentation of the live performance in the pavillon27         “Julia and her nest”, 2016

What does the sound mean for you?

I want to glorrify -something- but it doesn´t always fit. There´s a concentrated feeling of fail or trying to evoke -something- with lots of energy.

The sound is really strong, so is it neccessary to put yourself also in the setting?

I want to evoke a contrast through not illustrating the sound instead to work against the sound. That means – the sound is really melodic but my movements are very slow and should be a bit static. Not static in the sense of a robot, more in the sense of long holded, but smooth tension. This tension describes a definition of space. In other words the tryout to catch air like a volume maybe also my voice does.

2. Video “Julia and her shrine I-III” (5:08; 2016)

description: Three video files are added to one video. Inbetween there are two black frames with the duration of almost aight seconds each.

Why is in the first part of the video not your own voice involved? (chello/saxophon tones)

My intension was to build up first harmony. The chello sound fitted for mine at it´s best for that. At the end of the first video the sound is repeating one tone as a kind of “warning” or subtile fraction. And also to give the recipient a sign that the video at the whole continues.


Film still, first video “Julia and her shrine”, 2016

The second video is an indirect question (“what do you think about me?”) but a direct response to the viewer. My bodyspeech through the movements and also my face mimik are commenting the always repeating question. This could be a stadium of trust and questioning itself.

Film still, "Julia and her shrein", 2016, second video

Film still, second video “Julia and her shrine”, 2016

The third video wants to get the viewer out of my world. In the sense that you can see a form of an undefined struggle. Also the music (my high voice) should evoke pain or some kind of shame (maybe embarrassment).



Film still, “Julia and her shrine”, 2016


Why does all three video parts have different colour temperatures? It seems to be that you wanna show us your programm skills.

I tried to connect the footage with the music. That means the first one is harmony through the chello sound and the soft coulours. It also could remind on a surrealistic dream footage. The second one is dark, maybe too dark, in the sense that it could be too much in the direction of a sexual meaning. This is not my goal. But i liked the dark colour to show a bad mystical side instead of the daydreamy cream of the first one. The third video appears sour. On one hand through the not exact harmonic tones and on the other hand through the colours. But not only. It is also something about fancy art installations or video art works of nowadays with this kind of colours. My goal is it to comment on it. But than the question comes to my head: Should I have destroyed the shrine at the end of the work? Or maybe i did…?

Back to the question: Also the different styles of my clothes support the different coloured footage, the different roles and their worlds.

Which kind of image do you want to evoke through the setting, the whole video?

It´s inbetween this arty fancy scene and the impression of a kind of an asian shrine.

A quality of the video is the fration itself through the mimik of my face. Without that the whole thing it wouldn´t work. It´s because of the always holden eye contact through the lense of the camera. Another quality is the value of recognition related to the kind of similar movements in all three parts of the video.

Don´t you feel awkward? Is it your goal that people are embarassed of your work?

Yes, i want to provoke subtile. Maybe through a huge interpretation area of potential meanings of this work. It makes it vulnerable and unclear but also wayword and weird. This is the strength of it. There´s also something you never allowed to forget in my artwork: The lovely splash of humor. Be it a selfironcal and ironical comment relating to art or a ridiculous little Joke.